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Campus Developments, Opening Sports Hall, 1980s

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Campus Developments

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  • “Dear old 'JJ' I was in Primary 4 and goodness Mrs Millar took ill . Well we got just about everybody that was anybody for two weeks as a fill in! Very scary for us little ones . Including the Rector, wow! I will however to my dying day remember JJ's contribution to us. Remember the revolving blackboards, well it was wiped clean and he started drawing a country pub complete with hounds houndsman and even a little cluster of 'anti-s'. Then a picture of a hunting horn 'belewing' off we went at least two times around the blackboard.
    In the years since I have often thought how clever, giving us an understanding whether 'anti' or not of the base elements of sport that taught to us the fundamentals of debate. Good old fox hunting (or not) and good old JJ.

    Angus Smith

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