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MA142 130301 26a

Girls' School Secondary Class with Miss Gray 1976

MA142 130301 26a

Class Photographs | Secondary


  • “Back row Vivian Johnston Jones,Jennifer Donaldson,morag coutts,Fiona Dow,Christine low,Jeanette geddes,?
    Middle row Valerie graham?,Amanda Curtis,?,Joan armour,Fiona Cochran-Dyet, ?, Sally hossack?, Christine Deverell
    Front row Margaret imlah,?,?,?,Rhona Carstairs,Rhoann Clarke,Carla Grilli, Nicola Baldwin”

    Anonymous commenter
  • “Middle row: Evelyn Graham, Amanda Curtis, Frances Anderson....”

    Elaine Stark
  • “Missing names:
    Back row: Susan Clark
    Middle row: Evelyn Graham, Frances Anderson, Janet Boyd
    Front row:Clare Bruce Jones, Linda Haxton, Carol Alan”

    Judith Bell

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