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MA142 130228 16

Primary Class with Miss Fordyce

MA142 130228 16

Class Photographs | Primary

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  • “Back row left to right.
    Paul ?, Eric Stirckland, Crawford McBride, Mervin Cooper, Robert Armstrong, Robert Beaumont, David Stirling, Norman Hope, Alistair McLachlan.
    Middle Row Left to Right.
    John Ross, Ewan MacGregor, Robert Muirhead, Craig Chalmers, Derek Cooper, Ian Dewar, Donald Shek, Jamie Roberts.
    Front Row Left to right.
    Andrea Smith, Caroline Hoskins, Sarah ?, Victoria ?, Helen ?, ? ?, Yvonne Mcildowey, ??
    Sitting left to right
    Callum Waddle, Ewan Sinclair, Andrew McLaren”

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