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MA142 121213 05a

Girls' School Forms V and VI 1940

MA142 121213 05a

Class Photographs | Secondary

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  • “This photo "Girl's School Forms V and VI 1940" I believe the woman first from left in front row wearing a cardigan is my mother Gertrude Mary Summers. Could you verify and help me to find more pictures of her school days. She passed away October 30, 2014 peacefully at the age of 92 surrounded by her 7 children. I not sure how long she was at the Academy but she did attend when she was a teen and graduated from there. Gerry, as her friends called her, went on to become an WAF - radar officer and later a graduate of the Glasgow Arts School. She moved to Canada in the late forties and met my Dad in Toronto. I great Lady!”

    Moira Grace

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